Welkom op El Abanico. Als je een instituut zoekt om heel effectief maar ook zeker met plezier Spaans te gaan leren, heb je het gevonden. Kijk maar uitgebreid rond en stuur ons een e-mail als je daarna nog vragen hebt: info@el-abanico.nl.

Informatie aankomende cursussen


  • INSCHRIJVEN: Tot donderdag 11 juli.
  • VROEGBOEKKORTING: t.m. maandag 8 juli (-20 euro)
  • INTAKE / NIVEAUTEST: U kunt een afspraak maken voor een intake (videoconferentie) via  info@el-abanico.nl . Als beginner of oud student heeft u geen intake nodig.
  • OPEN DAG: geen
  • START: In de week van 15 juli
  • FEESTDAGEN: geen
  • LESSEN: 8 lessen van 1,5 uur + examen

Wilt u eerst een proefles?
Bij ons is het mogelijk een proefles Spaans te volgen. Meld u nu aan voor een kennismaking: info@el-abanico.nl

Google Reviews El Abanico

Rembrandt Huliselan
Rembrandt Huliselan
07:40 27 Apr 20
I've completed two Spanish courses at El Abanico: Basico 1 y Basico 2. The friendly atmosphere while pushing you to learn has definitely helped my with my Spanish! Would recommend to everyone!
Valeria Piccioni
Valeria Piccioni
07:30 21 Apr 20
El Abanico is a great place to learn Spanish! I have been joining a group course as well as individual classes and, in both cases, I appreciated the teacher professionality and their enthusiastic approach to teaching. Classes are well-organized, interesting and interactive and the material offered is a powerful tool to boost your learning. The teacher was always aware of the students' learning path and, even in group classes, was able to control the dynamic of the class so that each student... could make the most out of it!I highly recommend it to people seeking a high-level and engaging learning experience.lees verder
Arthur Petit
Arthur Petit
16:05 19 Apr 20
I participated in the spanish course at B2.3 level as I needed to prepare for a university exchange abroad. The course material was highly useful, and Carmen was a very competent teacher. The classes were interactive and with a friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend!
Amir Seddik
Amir Seddik
02:23 19 Apr 20
A great experience you will have at this cozy school! I took 2 courses there and the teachers are awesome. Lots of focus on the necessary grammar, such as the legendary subjuntivo, as well as many opportunities for practicing day-to-day chat. I definately recommend this school.
Maarten Bakker
Maarten Bakker
16:57 18 Apr 20
Great Spanish school! Super friendly and knowledgeable teachers with passion for the language and culture. Highly recommended for all levels. I passed the C.2 exam some time ago and my girlfriend is now doing the A.1 course (virtually). Worth every peseta ;)!
emanuele canino
emanuele canino
10:24 04 Nov 19
During the last year I attended two Spanish courses at El Abanico, respectively an A1 course and a B1 course. It has been an amazing experience! The teacher are really gentle and experienced, always ready to help students in every situation and to help them in learning Spanish as fast and as best as possible. The small classes of around 10 people were perfect for learning a new language because even if every person asked for a question there were no big time losses as it would have been in the... case of a bigger class with more and more questions ( I think that the number depends also on the course but for both the courses that I attended the class were pretty small, one about 10 people and the other one 6). Furthermore the lesson were well structured, they covered every part from the grammar to speaking and writing going through reading. Carmen, the manager of the courses and the contact person was super willing to plan a perfect study plan tailored to my needs even if that meant to follow more courses at the same time and receiving extra studying materials, considering that I had to learn Spanish in the fastest way for working reasons. So, perfect! I recommend it to everyone !lees verder
Ian Chong
Ian Chong
19:18 01 Sep 19
I've completed 3 courses so far at El Abanico and thoroughly enjoy each and every class. The teachers especially are extremely enthusiastic and engaging and makes the process of learning even more fun. What better way to learn. Que Bueno!
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